Completed Cars

– The Real deal 67 Shelby GT500SE Supersnake

Midnight Nomad – Fred DeFalco’s 1957 Chevrolet Nomad

Martino Merc
 – Dave Martino’s Mercury Ledsled

Project 55 Octane – Ron and Lucy Moyer’s 1955 custom gasser

The Mopar Missile
– A historic race car rebuilt

Cab Sav Jag
– A 1966 Jaguar as smooth as a Northern California Cabernet Sauvignon

Money In The Bank
– A Well Built 69 Camaro Is Just As Good As Money In The Bank

– The resurrection of a timeless classic

Blood In The Water
– Tony Garcia’s Barracuda is Vicious

Family Values
– Adolf and Elsie’s 55 Chevy Truck is more than just a truck.

Sapphire Fusion
– Nancy Michaels 29 Ford is her crown jewel

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